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In addition to two Teachers Resource rooms, Future Schools have five libraries. There are two libraries in Future Language School (FLS) and three in the Future International Schools (FIS).

Students can use the collection in all libraries as needed. In general, the libraries are open during the school day, including breaks, for reading and studying.

Students are expected to:

      -     Enter the library quietly.
      -     Behave in a manner that does not disturb other library users.
      -     Use whisper voices all the time while in the library.
      -     No food or drinks are allowed inside the library. Keep outside the library the     water bottles, sandwiches or chips.
      -     Push the chairs back after use.
      -     Do not leave any papers on the tables or on the floor.
      -     Students who violate the rules may lose the privilege to be in the library.

Borrowing Rules:

      -     Students can borrow from the library collection (Stories, Fiction and
          Non-Fiction readers, information books in General Knowledge, Religion,     Computers, Sciences, History, Geography, etc.. and in different languages     “Arabic, English, Deutsch”).
      -     Borrowed materials must be returned on the proper time.
      -     Extra time for the borrowed materials is allowed after librarian’s approval.
      -     Encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries, magazines and newspapers are not     allowed for borrowing outside the library and only available to read inside the     library.
      -     Be responsible for materials used or borrowed, and return them in the condition     in which they were loaned.
      -     Students are charged a penalty and the replacement fee for lost or damaged     library materials as decided by the librarians.

Reading Rules:

      -     Students can use any of the library collection to read inside the library.
      -     Students must use the book gently and they should not open it completely flat     as the pages may come loose and fall out.
      -     Students have to remember the place of each book they are taking from shelf     to read in the library and this to put it back in its place on shelf, and if they     cannot remember the place, they may ask the librarian’s help to guide them.