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About the NDSA

(Since: 11.9.2014)


““Our mission at Neue Deutsche Schule Alexandria (DSA) is to prepare peaceful, knowledgeable, and inquiring young learners who are endowed with the sense of value, meaning and personal integrity, and also encouraged towards global awareness and acceptance”





The New German School of Alexandria (NDSA) was founded in the year 2006/07. The school is accredited from Germany as a German foreign school and also accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Education as a foreign private school.
In the New German School of Alexandria cultures and languages come together to convey to our students the openness to meet other people with understanding, respect and tolerance.

Coeducational lessons are being given in the New German School of Alexandria.

The German curricula are subject to the guidelines of the German state of Thüringen. In addition, the Egyptian curricula of Arabic, Religion, and Arabic Social Studies are offered in coherence with the guidelines of the Egyptian Ministry of Education.
The New German School of Alexandria provides appropriate learning and working conditions, thus guaranteeing a constantly high level of education. The New German School of Alexandria is fundamentally committed to the free democratic basic order of the Federal Republic of Germany and offers

  • With Play School Class , Kindergarten I class and Kindergarten II class a qualified pre-school education
  • With primary, middle, and high school, a future-oriented education
As we proceed with the construction of the high school level, students are expected to complete in the coming years the Bilingual International Baccalaureate (GIB – Gemischsprachiges Internationales Baccalaureate) as access to universities and colleges in Egypt, Germany and worldwide.

Our mission


The New German School of Alexandria has an Egyptian Director. Its understanding of education aims at independence, maturity and responsibility of the student.

It is very important to have a trustful cooperation of all those involved in the school life. All members of the school community are expected to raise respect and tolerance for different opinions and different world views. It is also essential to have understanding of democracy and the rule of law, respect for human rights and gender equality.

Our top priorities are setting the education in the service of peace and the promotion of intellectual, social and emotional skills of the pupils and support their personal development.


Our target


The educational targets of the New German School of Alexandria are:

  • the teaching of the German language and German educational curricula.
  • the intellectual, emotional and social advancement of all students
  • to teach sound and technical knowledge as well as strategies and methods that enable the students to solve problems and work independently
  • to introduce students to a critical analysis of teaching content and teaching methods
  • informing the students of the use of new media and the critical examination of the increasing networking
  • promoting the exploration of other cultures, especially German and Egyptian culture and language
  • developing the ability to work independently and learning, but also for teamwork
  • education for being non-violent, respectful and civil to each otherr
  • education for a responsible approach to nature and the earth resources

Fulfillment of our educational mission


The New German School of Alexandria can only meet its high educational aspiration and educational mission in close cooperation and active participation of students, parents, teachers and staff.

We want to create a culture of communication that is characterized by mutual respect and transparent decision-making processes. A trusting and team-oriented, collegial cooperation will help us agree and commit to our educational goals. School management, teachers and parents should see themselves as partners in the educational work.