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School is not only about attending lessons in classrooms, it is also about participating in activities which are equally important for the development of our students intellectually, socially and emotionally.


At our school, students have the opportunity to engage in an afternoon lesson per week according to their interest and affection. They can choose among: sports, art, music, theater, handcrafts, etc… This working groups availability is diverse and varies from year to year.


Students yearly take part in the Pyramid Running Marathon in Giza, which is organized by the DEO (Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule) El Dokki. Otherwise, students of the NDSA have a “sports day” every a year.


Further events are made with cooperation with Bibliotheca Alexandrina or Goethe Institute.


Moreover, teachers are totally free to organize any trips that are related to the topics they cover at school (ex. Museums, cultural centers, nature… etc.)


In Grade 6, students take part in a cultural trip to Germany for one week; in Grade 10, a trip to upper Egypt; and in Grade 12, a final trip possibly to Berlin.


Social Engagement:


Ever since the second year of its existence, the NDSA has been organizing a bazaar for social purposes every year. All the revenues of the bazaar go to charity (e.g. Children’s hospital)