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The school library is designed as a working and reading place for the students. Children and scientific literature are to be borrowed for reference or research purposes. The main purpose of the library is to awaken the joy of reading among the students and specifically to promote their language development, literacy and understanding. Various studies have shown that reading is not only important for entertainment and recreation, but is also a gate to new cultures and civilization. It also enables the possibility for the student to identify the problems embedded in the classrooms, and finally contributes to the development of the personality of the student.


Furthermore, reading serves the following:

  • The transfer of knowledge, facts, data and acquired skills.
  • The independent creation of a world of inner images as irreplaceable contribution to the development of concepts, ideas, imagination and creativity as well as
  • The development and promotion of patience, perseverance and consistency.



To provide the students with an even greater choice and variety of books, our small library constantly gets provided with new media, books and materials.