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Parents and School


A major number of the students of the NDSA are coming from pure Egyptian families. The parents of some students have German background, education, or career. A minority comes from double nationality families – German/Egyptian and other nationalities.


We see that educating our students is a joint responsibility between the parents and the school together. This implies that both sides stay linked together and work together trustfully. Possible difficulties that threaten the academic progress of the child should be recognized in advance.


It is, therefore, the responsibility of the parents that the child fulfills his duty towards the school, which is to arrive at the school on time, has all the necessary materials for the lessons, and treats all school properties and possessions with utmost carefulness.


The NDSA advises the parents gladly in any technical as well as educational issues. It provides insight into current standards and regulations. Each teacher has a fixed weekly consultation hour which allows parents to make an appointment to discuss any relevant issue/problem.


At the beginning of the year, parents are well informed about all important aspects regarding the current year (Orientation Day) . During the academic year, 2 parents evenings are planned. Two years ago, we decided to form a parents’ representative committee.


Right before the final results, reports are given to the students at the end of year, parents are notified if a possible failing in the academic year is present.