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Preschool Department


The preschool of the NDSA is a German speaking division and has currently 2 playschool classes, 2 KG1 classes, and 2 KG2 classes.


We pay a lot of attention to promote our children in their early childhood with linguistic benefits and the acquisition of the German language to be prepared for the school. Through a targeted and consistent application of the “Kikus” and DaZ-programme, children learn to speak and understand the German language in a playful way through songs, rhymes and role playing.


Arabic is also part of our class.


One of our main goals in the KG department in the NDSA is to provide a balanced and complete care for each child. Social competence, emotional strength, curiosity and experimenting new and fun things are key skills that we support and encourage in each and every child.


In our daily life, children play, move, sing, dance, listen, speak, do crafts and paint. More importantly, the school educates the children to be independent and teaches them practical daily life skills. Eventually, the school supports and expects from each child only what is suitable for his age and developmental state.


German or German speaking pedagogic professionals work together with Egyptian assistants for a high-quality standard of education.