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Primary, Middle, and High School


This year we have students visiting Grade 1 till Grade 9.


Lessons are always from Sundays till Thursdays. They begin from 7:30 am till 2:30 pm. For Grade 1, lessons end at 12:40 pm.


At the NDSA, we provide co educative lessons. This requires a fundamental equivalence between German and Egyptian lesson content. The lessons therefore are based on the curricula of the Federal State of Thüringen and in accordance with the guidelines of the Egyptian Ministry of Education.


In primary school, 9-11German lessons are given per week.


In order to ensure and to be fair with all students especially the ones who have difficulties in understanding the lesson, there is a Teacher Assistant assigned to every Class Teacher.


In science, children have many practical and oral topics. These topics cover social, cultural, scientific, historical and technical contents.


Students start to take English in Grade 2. They start in a playful way first to get familiar with the language. Then from Grade 3, the lesson takes place in accordance with applicable policies.


In the 7th and 8th lesson, students from Grade 2 till Grade 5 have on some days a mandatory “homework” lesson under the supervision of a teacher, who is also there if help is needed.


According to the guidelines of the Egyptian Ministry of Education, students have also Arabic, ANS (Arabic National Studies), and Religion in Arabic language.


Besides the regular ongoing lessons, students must attend on one afternoon per week an activity group (AG – Arbeitsgemeinschaften), where they can choose, according to their interests and affections, one of many musical and sports activities.


It is very important for us to bring our students joyfulness and fun in learning and to teach them how to study. Our experienced teachers rely on different learning and working methods that each student should get to know in the primary school phase. Our aim is to initiate collaborative learning in the cognitive and social sector and to promote the personal development of each child through modern learning methods.


In order to obtain the concentration and the performance capability over the whole school day and to have time for relaxation and regeneration, there are breaks every 90 minutes. Those newly designed facilities have a specific area where students can play.