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Educational training courses for our staff


Our top priority in the NDSA is to offer our students the top education level they can get.


Therefore, we always make sure that our teachers get continuous educational training courses to ensure and improve the quality of teaching.


The NDSA regularly organizes educational training courses for its teachers and also participates in events held by the network of the international German schools and by the Advisory Services office in Cairo (partner of the Central Agency office for international German schools) to continuously develop the educational and professional skills, abilities, and standard of our teachers and to bring current developments and latest scientific evidence to our students. It is also planned, to invite teachers from Germany to design and conduct school-based educational trainings.


School-based and cross-school training courses cover the following topics:

  • Introduction for new colleagues (preparatory course ZfA in Cologne and at the school of the foreign country).
  • Information course on the specifics of the culture, societal developments, politics, education and other areas of the host country.
  • Intensifying the collaborative work with the Egyptian colleagues and sharing experiences.
  • Development of methodological concepts, methods, curriculum.
  • Professional learning communities and training.
  • Evaluation of the achieved working progress and the developed concepts.



Further specific and special information regarding our educational training courses in our international school are:

  • German as a foreign language
  • German as the main language spoken in the lessons, proper identification and implementation of the vocabulary.
  • Living and working in another culture.
  • Socio-political integration in modern development processes.



Each and every teacher strives as best as he/she could to make sure that the mother language of the children (Arabic) is being properly taught in and outside the school.


It is possible that we send our Egyptian teachers for a financially funded internship to Germany.