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Dear Parents,

You are kindly requested to read and fill in this form carefully. Please consider the following remarks a/o instructions:

1- Both the registration form and the interview are integral parts of the admission procedures. No pupil will be admitted to FLS/FLN/FIS without being interviewed.

2- An interview is merely an attempt and a means to assess the applicant, and thereby determine his/her specific potentials a/o needs; it is not tailored to reject him/her.

3- In some situations and in coordination with parents, a certain applicant might be re-interviewed. However, this is not a rule but rather an exception based on the circumstances prevailing during a/o related to the interview.

4- This application will not be taken into consideration without submitting the following on the interview date:

  • Six (6) recent passport photograph of the applicant.
  • The applicant’s computerized birth certificate.
  • A photocopy or a statement of parents’ academic qualifications.
  • A photocopy of parents’ I.D.
  • A Refundable applicant fee sum of L.E. 600.
  • Certificate of attendance and latest report issued by the pupil’s current or former school.

        In case of acceptance the following to be completed in the student file:

  • Medical report written and signed by a physician appointed by the school.
  • In the case of KG2 upwards, regular transfer procedure to be followed.

b In case of rejection or parents’ decline to show up, the school is liable to keep submitted documents for one month only.

A foreign applicant will have to submit a photocopy of his/her own passport or a photocopy of the parent’s passport in which the applicant is being registered.

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Respected parents,
        Please note that this application is for the new scholastic year 2020/2021 and not for the 2nd term 2019/2020.
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